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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas poppy flowers with icing / Vianočné makové kvietky s polevou


150 g plain flour
125 g ground poppy seeds
125 g powdered sugar
125 g butter
flour for sprinkling boards

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Sparkling cinnamon-citrus SANGRIA

Sangria is a Spanish beverage of low alcoholic strength, obtained from the wine flavored with an addition of spices, citruses, or other fruits. It is a very popular summer drink which you can easily prepare yourself and could apply your imagination. 

Apple Strudel with Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Jablková štrúdľa

Apple strudel is usually prepared from the classic pastry with butter. However,  in some regions of Italy, where olive oil is widely used, the butter in puff pastry is replaced by olive oil. Here is my recipe of puff pastry with olive oil with or without egg. Taste of the strudel made of such pastry is similar to the classic one. 

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